Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happiness In the Eye of The Beholder

This week we are working on themes. We were asked to chose a theme to base 15-20 photos on. I chose 'happiness' as my theme because I honestly thought it would be quite easy to come up with 15 photos on one theme, after all, happiness is, and always will be everywhere.

Here, in the above two photos, you can see some cheerios that formed a smiley face. The original photo was edited like so to show the importance of standing out of the crowed and owning it with a smile on your face, and in the end, you'll be the one to see the light (in a good way).
This photo was taken of my good friend Maria Barrett. In the photo you can see the absence of busy background so that your eye focuses on her face, covered with a smile, the true sign of happiness.
The effect of depth in this photo is created by it's warm vibe. It sends of feelings of warmth and joy. I chose to frame Maria with white space because it allows the eye to be caught by her smile. The perspective is also faced forward for this reason, it allows for her smile to be easily seen. The use of the rule of thirds also allows the eye to be caught by Maria. It also creates a very structurally appealing photo.

In this photo you see a beautiful plate that is covered in bright colors. I believe this represents happiness because I have always connected happiness with color. 

In this photo you can see plain and clear what the theme is. Although the deeper meaning to the image lies in the size of the letters, they're all different. It's a representation of all the different forms and sizes happiness can take.

This photo represents the happiness in love. The photo's warm and simple vibe are the perfect symbolisation of how happiness takes over the heart.

In this photo you can see Maria holding a football in front of her head. It represents the mental happiness that is created by the enjoyment of hobbies.

This photo is of Maria's hands holding up the Sun. I asked her to do this because I wanted to represent the brighter side of the hard hits of life, happiness in the end.

Here, in this image you can see maria jumping high above the towers and houses. This image is supposed to represent the freedom and celebratory feeling of happiness.

In this photo, I wanted to show this old bench to represent older people. Its beauty still exists but has gained a new kind of beauty, a rustic and warm beauty that makes me feel like I'm sitting on a piece of history and that makes me happy.
This photo is showing a clild playing tetherball. I believe this shows happiness because of the joy games like this bring to children.
This photo was chosen to represent the capability for something not traditionally beautiful to have beauty in someone else's eyes. Most would focus on the ugly branches and forget to look past the foreground, to completely miss the beautiful plate, although the ones who do, will see something beautiful and that, to me, is pure happiness.

This image represents the curiosity of happiness as well as its innocence. I believe that this photo represents happiness because of it's nature of innocence and curiosity.

I took this image to show the vibrancy of happiness. Happiness, in my eyes, is very easy to notice, it's everywhere. The bright colors and patterns in the pillows against the dull background and foreground emphasise the vibrancy of the pillows and the happiness they represent.

I believe this photo represents happiness because it shows the beauty in the orchid, and every time I walk out the door, the orchid's beauty gives me feelings of happiness.

This photo represents the simplicity of happiness. The cat is at rest and calm while he sleeps, a very simple way to stay happy and the happiest time for a cat.


  1. Sophiaa, I really liked your photos because they really relate to you and what you find is happiness. These photos also made me smile and I could see the theme in every photo. Great Job!

  2. I think that your photos are quite professionally taken. Framing is clearly visible, and adds character to your pictures. You have a really good variation between brightness levels in your pictures. Keep up the good work!