Monday, April 21, 2014

Chaka Says - Black and White Photography

1. Why choose to shoot in black and white?
I think photographers shoot in black and white to set a distinct mood and tone to their photos. I also think it's to add complexity. For example, if someone were to take a very upbeat black and white shot, while viewing that image, although you are seeing a very happy subject, you cant help but wonder why the photographer made it dark and colorless.

2.What are some good subjects to shoot in black and white?
I think anything could be shot in black and white as long as it has meaning to the photographer and the to the subject of the image. I think that if someone is shooting in black and white, then there has to be good reasoning for taking away the happiest form of light, color.

3. What can making/taking a photo in black and white do to an image?
Taking photos in black and white can add a lot of intensity as well as complexity to an image. I found that most black and white images are dark, but there are very happy and bright. Although, making an image black and white can darken the subject and lessen its meaning depending on the image.

4. What are some possible negatives of black and white?
I think one possible negative could be that black and white could darken your image in a way that would add a very dark mood that the photographer might not want. I think that it's very difficult to make a black and white image bright.

Photo by: Matt Hoffman
Photo by: Inglaterra Lee Jeffries

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