Thursday, February 13, 2014

Composition Techniques #1

Hallah! This is my first post ever! I hope I don't mess this up...

This is my picture on light and shadowing. I used the shadow of a fence and lined it up with the lines of the tiles on the floor. It creates a interesting view on the tiles and the shadow.
This is an image focusing on framing. The window in a playhouse acts as a frame in this photo. The negative space around the frame helps the eye focus on the subject, which is the bench.
Here is my image focused on emphasis. It's my way at a new way to look at a bike, I used and angle where only the handlebars and seat are visible to emphasise these parts of the bike.

Here you can see my image on angling. It's a weird way to look at a circle, I angled the camera so that the inside of the circle was in the centre, as though it were a line.


  1. I love the picture of your brother Sophia, its very bright and catches the eye :)

  2. I love your framing picture of the bench, its really cool because the bench looks really small:)