Saturday, February 22, 2014

Composition Techniques #3

This week we have been working on symmetry, negative space, balance, rhythm/movement, and color. Here is my final product. Enjoy!

Here is my image focusing on symmetry. This is actually an image of the decoration on the railings at my house, the shaped poles framing the line of symmetry that is created by the centre pole.
These are a pair of jeans that are emphasised by the negative space behind them. The color of the button contrasting to the color of the jeans and the color of the negative space also emphasises the blue in the jeans.
This is my example for balance. I used the orange sticky-notes to balance out the weight or size on each side of the image, although your eye is fist drawn to the bright orange, it then moves throughout the image due to the balance and negative space from the wall.
This is my image that is focusing on rhythm or movement. This is the underside of a lampshade hanging from the ceiling, I took this picture because I noticed that the movement of the shape in the lamp was interesting, and something not many people notice.
This is a tissue box in the guest bathroom that I never really payed any attention to until today, I thought it was a great example for color because of it's contrast to the grey in the wall and the sink. I really loved how it looks through the lens of the camera.

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