Friday, February 14, 2014

Composition Techniques #2

So here I have taken some pictures based and structured around contrast, line, pattern, and texture. Enjoy!

This is my big brother, Ben Scholz at his football game. There is intense contrast with his jersey against the background that really catches your eye to the subject of the image.
Here, in this image, you can see that I have used lines. The focus in the mid-ground draws your eyes along the line straight to the centre of the image drawing your eye along the line throughout the subject and image.
In this picture I have used a combination of line and pattern. The pattern in the long jump cover against the water stains takes your eye over the fore-ground and mid-ground, to then get drawn down the track and throughout the photo.
Here is my image on pattern. You can see what is a dent in the centre of the image, where your eye first lands, and then you continue throughout the image along the lines of the pattern.
This is an image focusing on texture. The combination of texture in the dried leaves, the rocks, and the sidewalk creates an interesting feeling to the overall picture.

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